Mosquitos and Us

At our March 16 membership meeting Cherrief Jackson, with Clarke Environmental Mosquito Control, gave a timely lecture about controlling mosquitos here in Celebration.  Florida is a good breeding ground for these insects and it takes a multi-prong attack to keep them under control so we can go out and enjoy the great outdoors. We need to be so very careful not to damage the natural resources around us and Clarke Control is working hard to keep both us and the environment protected. Cherrief gave a fabulous lecture, and we all left the meeting with a better understanding of how mosquitoes are controlled in Celebration and what we can do to take charge on own properties. For anyone who would like …

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2022-01-27 Trip to Leu Gardens

On Thursday, January 27 the club had 15 people travel to Leu Gardens for a look at the vegetable and pollinator gardens. Director Robert Bowden gave us a two hour tour of their gardens and we learned about veggie gardening in Central Florida. He discussed soil preparation and amendments, fertilization, watering, timing and varieties to use. Then he talked about the various butterflies they try to attract and the plants they use to feed both the adult and larval stages of a butterflies life.  Afterwards some of us went to lunch at a nearby restaurant

Founders and Veterans Day

November 13 2021 Founders and Veterans day parade The garden Club managed to walk in the parade this year as well as doing their living flag. This year it was filled with Petunias.  Barbara and Marge gave the Garden Clubs tribute to the Veterans.

2020-05-23 Memorial Day

This morning we had a very safe and beautiful Memorial Day flag ceremony at Founders Park. Good social distancing was observed and if town hall runs their future programs the way this one was run, we will be in pretty good shape. The weather was great for this moving ceremony.  The Garden Club supplied a wreath honoring our fallen service men and our own Marge Hudec gave a very nice speech presenting the wreath to the town.  Thank you Marge!!  And thank you other Garden Club members for coming to this event and supporting our veterans, honoring those that gave their lives in defense of our country and supporting Marge. July 4th events are cancelled in the town and our next …

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02-19-2020 Orchid Nanny – Care and rescue of orchids

Priscilla spoke about the different choices of orchids for different locations, sunny, dark, dry, moist environments. She also talked about fertilising and water requirements of the different species. Priscilla is an expert in orchid care, she was head of the study group at the Greater Orlando Orchid Society and now runs Orchid Nanny. This is a local business selling various orchids and plants. She grows different orchid species, hybrids, mericlones, potted mounted and bare-rooted.  Attached is a summary of Priscilla’s notes and recommendations. The fertilizers I use are as follows:fall & winter = 10-30-20= 1/2 tsp/gal waterspring & summer = CalMag or MSU fertilizer = Apply every watering. Flush witith straight water evry 3rd or 4th watering.Here’s an outline of …

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02-15-2020 Memorial Garden

Fred and Leslie Bartok and Dave and Tricia Alesbury worked in the Memorial Garden today and divided plants from the main bed and placed them around the sign to soften it. Take a look at the photos – we think it looks good! Many more people are visiting the Memorial Garden and are all appreciative of the efforts of Garden Club. Thanks to Rita’s watering efforts, the transplanted Tabebuia tree is flourishing and has flowered well this year.

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