Give Kids The World Butterfly Garden rejuvenation

Thirty Garden Club members and their partners spent three days working in the butterfly garden or Millie’s Garden at Give Kids the World. The garden is a lovely area with a variety of features, a waterfall, stream, koi carp pond, raised beds, and areas of interesting shrubs and plants that will attract butterflies. The working parties were co-ordinated by Sharon, Lorna and Tricia and at each visit we concentrated on a specific task. Initially we pruned, weeded and cleared the area so we could add new plants. We added new plants that will introduce interest and color during the coming months. Denise made a wonderful scarecrow called Denis and surrounded him with sunflowers. Lorna added decorative bird boxes and Sharon included dishes of sugar solution to attract the butterflies. Finally we discovered that a cardinal had made a nest and laid two eggs in a bush beside Mayor Clayton’s house – no wonder the female bird got angry when Judith weeded below her nest! ¬†Garden Club members, under the direction of Sharon and Lorna will continue to care for the garden with regular visits to prune, dead head and keep the garden looking good for everyone at Give Kids the World.