March 3rd and 5th Workdays at Give Kids the World with Robert Bowden

What a great time we all had!  Saturday was amazing!  We had 25 folks turn out to follow Robert’s instructions!  Everyone worked so hard that almost everything was planted by 10:30!  Robert had a great time!  We had a nice mix of garden club and master gardeners plus a couple of regular gktw volunteers who had seen me working in the garden prior and asked to help!  Yesterday 12 garden club folks came out to do some tweeking and mulching, etc.  It all looks fabulous!  Can’t wait for you to see it!

After we finished on Sat. (we  were given pizza and drinks!!), I returned to the garden by myself to admire and do some extra watering. Couldn’t believe my eyes when 4 different kinds of butterflies decided to join me and visit the flowering plants!  monarch, Eastern tiger swallowtail, black swallowtail, and a pipetail swallowtail.  Of course my phone was in my car so I couldn’t take any pictures to prove it!   – Lorna Sauter

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