Butterfly Gardening in Celebration – Bill Silberman

February 16, 2022 @ 8:30 am – 11:30 am
Heritage Hall
Celebration Avenue
Brad Wagoner
Lecturer: Our very own Bill Silberman.  Bill is a Master Gardener and has specialized in several areas, one being an expert in butterfly gardens. He recently won an award for his work on butterfly gardens at the state level of the Master Gardener Program. Plus….he’s a great guy.
Bill will be telling and showing us how to plan and maintain butterfly gardens. A well planned butterfly garden needs both nectar plants for the butterflies and larva plants for the caterpillars. Many types of butterflies live in this area and each type has its own nectar and larval plants. We always hear about milkweed plants but they are only used by Monarchs. Other types of butterflies need our help too.  Monarch counts are down over 80% in our area over the last 15 years and other butterfly species are in a severe decline too.

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