Since  its creation in 1997, Garden Club of Celebration   has donated over $50,000 to the local community.

Garden Club has supported the community of Celebration in a variety of ways. Donations have been made to local schools, brownie troop, boy scouts, ‘Help Now’ and   events such as Founders Day, Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

In January 2016, Garden Club donated the following amounts…

$1500 to Take Stock in Children

$1500 to Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida

$1500 to Thriving in Place, Celebration Foundation

$275 for a plaque to commemorate Lynn Gamez in the Memorial Garden

$500 to Garden Club projects in Celebration

After a successful Holiday Home Tour and Fashion Show, more money was donated in March 2016.

$1500           Celebration 34747 Cares – provides weekend food packs to children living in motels along West 192 who attend Celebration K-8, Flora Ridge Elementary and Reedy Creek Elementary schools

$2000           Celebration K-8 Families in Transition Student Field trips fund – not all student families can afford to pay field trip costs ranging from $5 to $60. A fund at the school is used to pay for a student’s field trip costs if their family cannot afford to pay

$2000           Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida – designated for College campus visits. Many students have never seen a College campus and these trips enable them to visit them and get an idea what it would be like to go to College

$1500           Education Foundation of Osceola – all donations are matched by funds from the County for schemes in Celebration schools

$1000           Thriving in Place  – to be used to offset transportation costs for several field trips to horticultural sites of interest.

$1500           Give Kids the World – to provide better access to the Butterfly garden for children with disabilities

$1000           Scholarship for high school student

$500             Native Plant Society  – The Pine Lily Chapter Florida Native Plant Society will use funds for advertising and rental space for the upcoming Central Florida Native Plant Sale at Osceola Heritage Park March 31st, April 1st and 2nd with free educational classes held on Saturday. The money earned from the Sale will be used to purchase Florida Native Plants to be donated back to the local community via local schools, county parks and other non profit organizations.



In 2017 we donated  nearly $7000

$4000           4 Scholarships for high school students

<$2000         Celebration K-8 School  –  Hydroponic tower garden in cafeteria

<$1000         Celebration Residents Owners Association  –  various projects including the Memorial Garden

In 2018 we donated more funds.

$500       Give Kids the World   –  New plants for the butterfly garden under the direction of Robert Bowden of Leu Gardens

$1000     Celebration K-8 school  –  for three different gardening projects

$1200     Lifelong Learning  –  Purchase of educational equipment

$1500     Thriving in place  –  Equipment for their new premises

$500       Celebration High school  –    to provide funds to enhance the planting at the front entrance



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