Monthly Luncheon

11-21-2018 Outdoor poisons

Dr Jemima Desir , Healthcare Education Specialist at Florida Poison Information Center, Tampa gave a fascinating talk on Outdoor Poisons, Plants Bites and Stings.  Her topics included toxic landscaping plants, toxic wild plants, poisonous spiders, snakes, toads and scorpions, Her slides were wonderful – take a look at the photos in Gallery, they are amazing! Also at the meeting we presented checks to Mary Anne Kinser of Lifelong Learning and to Don Gordy of Thriving in Place.

10-17-2018 Florida Herbs

Due to a travel delay for Emily Ruff, Leanne Hill talked to us about Florida native herbs and weeds. It was a fascinating talk full of interesting facts about plants that are growing around us. Many thanks to Leanne for coming to talk at a moment’s notice.

09-19-2018 Zak Prusak The Burn Boss.

Zak Prusak, Burn Boss, talked about the restoration of the Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve. This is a collaboration between The Walt Disney Company and the Nature Conservancy. His fascinating illustrated talk featured the restoration and management of the 11,500 acre property – a story of fire and water

03-21-2018 Marty Folk bromeliad enthusiat

Marty Folk, bromeliad enthusiast and collector brought a wide variety of plants to our meeting and spoke about the care and cultivation of this fascinating plant. He had plants for full sun, partial shade and full shade with wonderful leaf colors and some with flower spikes. Members were able to purchase plants at very reasonable prices and thoroughly enjoyed Marty’s illustrated talk.

02-21-2018 ‘Landscape’ – What we like and why we like it

Gail Hansen, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Horticulture presented an interesting program which focused on best design practices of the residential and urban landscapes, illustrating landscape preferences and perceptions – what we like and why we like it! She is the faculty advisor for the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program.

11-15-2017 Pollinator Gardens by Zak Gezon

The title of Zak’s talk was Pollinator gardens set the stage for citizen science and conservation. Zak is a conservation biologist and Conservation Program manager at Walt Disney. His fascinating and entertaining talk illustrated how gardeners can encourage pollinators into their gardens by planting a wide variety of plants in their gardens.

10-18-2017 Tour of Martha’s Vineyard Oak Bluffs

The Garden Club of Celebration’s October program featured the cottages and gardens of the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association in Oak Bluffs, MA. The 34 acre site was established in 1835 and is included in the National Historic Register as well as being recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 2005. At the center of the “Campground” is an iron Tabernacle built in 1879. Radiating outward are streets and lanes where 318 of the original 500 Carpenter Gothic cottages built during the 1860’s are located. Each cottage is colorfully painted and laced with gingerbread trim. Lorna Sauter, one of our Garden Club members, spends summers here in her family cottage and will give an illustrated talk on this unique community. …

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09-20-2017 Explore the Cayman Islands

Judith and Christina Rankine and Judith’s mother Florence Parker entertained the Club for the opening meeting of the 2017/2018 year. The title of their talk was Explore the Cayman Islands, from learning fascinating facts to trying fabulous food to creating a fantastic floral arrangement using tropical foliage. Judith and her family have lived in the Cayman Islands and brought a wealth of knowledge about the islands. Members sampled food from the Islands, learned about many aspects of living there and then each person created a unique floral arrangement. Many thanks to Judith and her daughter and mother for creating such a wonderful meeting. Judith has kindly given us her recipe Cayman Islands Rum Cake  Cake 18 ½ oz. yellow cake …

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3-15-2017 Patterns in Nature

Patterns in Nature – Redenta Soprano gave an illustrated talk on how botanical drawings have developed through the ages. It was a fascinating illustrated description of how the structure of flowers, seeds and fruit have been portrayed. She then showed members how to create their own illustration of a Gloriosa Lily using water color pencils. It was a very enjoyable and creative meeting.

01-18-2017 How to care for Orchids

Jack and Ellen Batchelor from Paradise Orchids, Howey-in-the-Hills filled five tables with a wonderful display of colourful orchids. Jack then gave us a very informative and entertaining talk about how to care for them. Jack highlighted the five requirements for successful orchid growing. Light – indirect light is best Humidity – good air circulation with 45-65% humidity under plant Fertiliser – Miracle Gro or Peters 20-20-20 Water – water when dry, test with the lead of a pencil Warmth – should not go below 65deg More notes are in the Minutes. After the talk, members were able to purchase some of Ellen and Jack’s lovely orchids. Many were names varieties with details of when they were last potted. Orchids should …

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