2015-12-08 Holiday luncheon preparations

Twenty Garden Club members spent the day at Tricia’s house under the direction of Judith Rankine, creating decorations and centrepieces for the Holiday luncheon. We baked over 80 individual pumpkin breads and planned the venue and table layout. Everyone enjoyed lunch and a sampled the special sangria  which would be served at the luncheon the following day. It was a fun day.

2015-11-14 Veterans Day Parade

Garden Club presented the ‘Living Flag’ at the ceremony and then gave away the red petunias at the end of the ceremony. We watched as the boy and girl scouts lowered and raised the flag and we recognised the service of all veterans in the safeguarding of our Freedom. It is a beautiful and moving ceremony.

2015-10-26 Holiday Luncheon planning meeting

Judith’s team of eighteen ladies got together for a morning of coffee, tea and cake and to discuss plans for the upcoming Holiday luncheon in December – nothing like planning ahead!! Judith gave a comprehensive description of her plans for the luncheon and then divided the group into teams to tackle each challenge. We will see the results of this formidable planning on December 9th!!  Just wait and see what we have in store!!

2015-10-19 Fall Pine Straw sale

For one week in the spring and fall, Garden Club organizes a sale (at a reduced price) of pine straw to benefit the gardens in Celebration. Once again we had a successful sale and raised funds for our community donations program. Pine straw is now sold ( at the normal price ) all year round via the Garden Club website making it available to the community throughout the year. Pine straw is brilliant for keeping the moisture in the soil and enhancing the structure of the soil as it decomposes.

2015-3-27 New Board

The retiring and incoming Board members met to discuss plans for the forthcoming year Photo of Board for 2015/16 – Lorna Sauter (Membership)  Debi Jackson (Fundraising)  Priscilla Erickson (Secretary)  Eileen Ruth (Treasurer) Judi Nelson (Vice president) Judith Rankine (Hospitality) Charlotte Denhof (Secretary) and Tricia Alesbury (President)  Sylvia Cocks (Membership) and Lyn Berelsman (Community Advocate) were unable to attend.

Strawberry Lizard

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