02-15-2020 Memorial Garden

Fred and Leslie Bartok and Dave and Tricia Alesbury worked in the Memorial Garden today and divided plants from the main bed and placed them around the sign to soften it. Take a look at the photos – we think it looks good! Many more people are visiting the Memorial Garden and are all appreciative of the efforts of Garden Club. Thanks to Rita’s watering efforts, the transplanted Tabebuia tree is flourishing and has flowered well this year.

11-16-2019 Memorial day – living flag

Garden Club presented the living flag filled with red and white petunias to the Veterans ceremony in Founders Park. Tricia gave a short speech and asked veterans to collect a plant to thank those who have served.

10-16-2019 Bats myth busting by Shari Clark

Shari Clark, President of Florida Bat Conservancy gave an illustrated and fascinating talk on bats. What amazing creatures they are!  She brought a live bat for everyone to meet and corrected a lot of myths surrounding bats during her talk. How wonderful it would be to have bat boxes in Celebration instead of constant spraying with pesticides. Many communities throughout Florida have achieved this with Shari’s help.

05-26-2019 Memorial Day

Sylvia Cocks, Marge Hudec and Lois O’Donnell presented a lovely floral wreath at the ceremony on behalf of Garden Club in recognition of all those who had served.  The wreath was then taken to Windsor at Celebration, Senior living community to be a centerpiece for their commemorative display.

03-09-2019 Memorial garden Drains

Dave and Fred decided to tackle to drains in the Memorial Garden. It was hot and messy work but they managed to unearth some buried drains and clear routes so that when it rains and the irrigation works, the pathways are no longer flooded.

04-06-2018 Donations

A group of Garden Club members attended the luncheon at Thriving in Place. Francesca and Tricia presented a check for $1500 to the group to purchase items such as a fridge for their new premises in town. The group were very grateful for Garden Club’s generosity. Francesca, Sylvia, Tricia and Dave met with Laura Jones and David Cooley and presented a check for $500 to enable them to purchase plants to brighten the approach to the school entrance. Work to clear the area had commenced and the funds will enable them to purchase plants and move the project forward.

03-28-2018 K-8 School Donation

Francesca, Dave and Tricia met Laure at K-8 school garden and presented her with a check for $1000. Three teachers have requested funds for various projects and supplied for gardening projects across three school years. Items such as compost, seeds, scissors for harvesting, etc were to be purchased. We toured the various gardens that have been established and were very impressed with the school children’s efforts. The composting bins were amazing. Three teachers have requested funds for various garden projects and supplies for their classes at $339.88, $370.24, and $215.94.  Items such as: compost, seeds, hydroponic garden to grow herbs in the classroom, 20 pairs of scissors for harvesting, etc.

02-06-2018 Fashions in Bloom

Garden Club organised the fourth ‘Fashions in Bloom’ fashion show for the community of Celebration. Thirty members helped with the event, including nine models. We had five vendors in the lobby selling a variety of products, foods, gift cards, wooden trivets.  Janet Carr from Sarasota showcased her clothing, jewelry and handbags. Cheese and wine was served throughout the evening. It was a fun event and enjoyed by everyone who attended. It raised more funds towards our program of donations to the community.

03-03-2017 Trip to Albin Polasek Museum and Scuplture Gardens

Seventeen Garden Club members enjoyed a guided tour of the gardens with Director Byron Walker. The museum is situated along the banks of Lake Osecola, Winter Park, creating wonderful vistas of the lake from the gardens. The garden features sculptures by Albin Polasek and other artists. The garden is full of interesting features and color.

11-5-2016 Mount Dora Garden Tour

Saturday 5th November – Lakes and Hill Garden Tour Mount Dora A group of ten Garden Club members toured  five gardens and two homes in the lovely town of Mount Dora. From a small garden with hidden seating areas to a wide expansive garden with a box parterre and colorful beds, and the weather was great too with a cool breeze from the lake.   We enjoyed a tasty lunch in Mount Dora Country Club.

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