02-11-2019 Trip to Frank LLoyd Wright buildings

A group of 24 Garden Club members travelled to Lakeland, we enjoyed lunch at Frescos in Lakeland and had a conducted tour of buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There are 13 buildings at Florida Southern College, the largest collection of his buildings in one location. It was a two and a half hour tour and the guide was incredible, full of facts and anecdotes   about the buildings and the architect himself. We toured inside some of the buildings and marvelled at the architect’s vision.

01-21-2019 Trip to Brevard Zoo

A group of Garden Club members travelled to Brevard Zoo and toured the various enclosures. This 75 acre zoo opened in 1994 and has over 900 animals. Our very own Lorna helped get this zoo started and so it has a special place in her heart.

12-12-2018 Christmas luncheon

Over sixty Garden Club members enjoyed a wonderful festive buffet luncheon at Artisan Park Clubhouse. There were games and prizes and a punch, everyone had a great time. Towels were donated by members and given to Help Now Shelter for domestic abuse in Kissimmee. Thank you to everyone who helped prepare this fun event.

11-14-2018 Memorial Garden

Last year we worked with Bradley Band and his Eagle Scout troup and improved the border alongside the hedge under the trees.  The ty plants and ginger have flourished, but the shrimp plants did not survive and the golden sedums we planted along the front of the border did not like the damp conditions during the summer. We have now underplanted with dark red leaved Caladiums which should spread through the border. This is really a ‘hot’border The center border was filled with Mexican petunia surrounded by box hedging. The box was attacked by a fungus so during the summer the landscaper removed it and then killed off the Mexican petunia leaving us with a lovely empty bed. We wanted …

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11-10-2018 Founders Day

Garden Club President Patricia Alesbury presented the living flag filled with red and white dianthus to the Veterans  Day ceremony at Founders Park. We watched the flypass by two warbird planes and the lowering and raising of the flag by Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of Celebration Troop 125. It was a very special ceremony.

11-05-2018 Deseret Ranch

A group of twenty three Garden Club members drove to Deseret Citrus and Cattle Ranch for a tour. It is run by the Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints and our guide gave us a wonderful conducted bus tour of the ranch. We saw where the cowhands live and work and some of the 44,000 cattle that are raised on the ranch. We then drove to Cobblestone Courtyard restaurant in St Cloud for an excellent soup and sandwich lunch. The chicken soup was really special!

10-26-2018 GKTW

Sixteen Garden Club members spent the morning pruning, weeding and tidying in the butterfly garden at Give Kids the World. After the re-planting that took place earlier this year, the garden is looking really good and is home to several varieties of butterfly. But several plants had become overgrown and needed trimming back and of course the weeds are relentless.  Master Gardener Lorna Sauter organised the morning’s efforts and a lot was achieved.

10-13-2018 Harry Leu Gardens jazz evening

Eight Garden Club members enjoyed a lovely evening of jazz in Harry Leu gardens. The weather was perfect and thanks to the resident bats, the mosquitoes did not bother us. Three bands played at different locations in the gardens playing varied types of music. It was a great evening

04-06-2018 Donations

A group of Garden Club members attended the luncheon at Thriving in Place. Francesca and Tricia presented a check for $1500 to the group to purchase items such as a fridge for their new premises in town. The group were very grateful for Garden Club’s generosity. Francesca, Sylvia, Tricia and Dave met with Laura Jones and David Cooley and presented a check for $500 to enable them to purchase plants to brighten the approach to the school entrance. Work to clear the area had commenced and the funds will enable them to purchase plants and move the project forward.

03-28-2018 K-8 School Donation

Francesca, Dave and Tricia met Laure at K-8 school garden and presented her with a check for $1000. Three teachers have requested funds for various projects and supplied for gardening projects across three school years. Items such as compost, seeds, scissors for harvesting, etc were to be purchased. We toured the various gardens that have been established and were very impressed with the school children’s efforts. The composting bins were amazing. Three teachers have requested funds for various garden projects and supplies for their classes at $339.88, $370.24, and $215.94.  Items such as: compost, seeds, hydroponic garden to grow herbs in the classroom, 20 pairs of scissors for harvesting, etc.

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