Memorial Garden Re-dedication

[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_text] 2014-11-22 Garden Re-dedication [cmsms_button button_link=”” button_target=”self” button_text_align=”center” button_font_weight=”100″ button_font_style=”normal” button_padding_hor=”20″ animation_delay=”0″]View the Gallery From the Event[/cmsms_button] [/cmsms_text] [/cmsms_column][/cmsms_row] Celebration Foundation organised a re-dedication of the Memorial Garden. This garden was established in 2002 as a place where Celebration residents could remember their loved ones who have passed away by purchasing an engraved plaque. In spite of the rain, many Celebration residents attended the ceremony. Garden Club donated a yellow tabebuia tree which will flower early each year and brighten the area. Rev Susan Bubbers gave a eulogy, Gary Pinkstone played several songs and several Celebration residents said what the Garden meant to them.

2014-11-19 Flowers in a Mason jar

Sarah Titzer once again entertained and instructed us in the art of flower arranging. This time we created arrangements in a large Mason jar, ready for the holiday season. Everyone was able to create a masterpiece to enjoy!

Veterans Ceremony 2014

Picture taken by Jim Seigel of the Living flag presented by The Garden Club of Celebration to the Veterans of Celebration on Founders Day weekend November 8th 2014. Red and white petunias kindly provided by Davey Tree. Garden Club presented a living flag to the Veterans Ceremony. GC members gathered early in the morning to fill the flag stand with red and white petunias and handed them out to the audience at the end of the ceremony.

2014-11-01 Mount Dora

Garden Club members visited Mount Dora and toured five wonderful gardens at the Lakes and Hills Garden Club 11th annual garden tour. We had lunch at the Goblin Market and then toured the plant fair in the center of the town

Strawberry Lizard

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