2016-02-29 GKTW

2016-02-29 GKTW

29-2cTo our delight we seem to have created a habitat for Monarch butterflies in the butterfly garden at Give Kids the World.

Two Monarch butterflies were spotted fluttering around the milkweed today and we managed to photograph one of them.

Monarchs are en29-2bdangered species of butterfly, their habitat is being gradually destroyed  and their sources of food reduced.

Now that we have established the garden as a butterfly habitat, we applied to the North American Butterfly Association and having met their criteria, the GKTW  garden has been certified as a butterfly garden. These signs will be placed in the garden soon.

One of the planting areas in the garden is a heart shaped bed, we filled this with red salvias and it looked amazing.

Earlier in the year we planted three pale green variegated hostas in the center of the bed and they have survived the intense Florida heat and are thriving.

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