04-22/23-2017 Memorial Garden Eagle Scout project

The final part of the improvements to the Memorial Garden took place of the weekend 22nd/23rd April. Bradley Band, Eagle scout and Dave and Tricia Alesbury had worked on the planting plan over several months. Bradley attended meetings with ARC and CROA and obtained permission for the project to go ahead. Ashley and Brian Brant obtained the plants and cared for them in their garden for a month prior to planting. A group of Garden Club members and Eagle scouts and their parents worked in the Memorial Garden and improved and replanted the border on the left hand side of the garden. It looked wonderful. We also removed the Mexican petunia from the center bed and relocated the yellow Tabebuia tree that Garden Club had donated to the garden two years ago. It is hoped that this area will now be sodded to create a more uniform layout to the garden. It is hoped that Garden Club will re-plant the center bed later in the year. Many thanks to everyone who took part in creating a lovely colourful bed in the Memorial Garden.

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