02-19-2020 Orchid Nanny – Care and rescue of orchids

Priscilla spoke about the different choices of orchids for different locations, sunny, dark, dry, moist environments. She also talked about fertilising and water requirements of the different species. Priscilla is an expert in orchid care, she was head of the study group at the Greater Orlando Orchid Society and now runs Orchid Nanny. This is a local business selling various orchids and plants. She grows different orchid species, hybrids, mericlones, potted mounted and bare-rooted.  Attached is a summary of Priscilla’s notes and recommendations.

The fertilizers I use are as follows:
fall & winter = 10-30-20= 1/2 tsp/gal water
spring & summer = CalMag or MSU fertilizer = Apply every watering. Flush witith straight water evry 3rd or 4th watering.
Here’s an outline of my talk:
Which orchid is the easiest to grow?By: Priscilla Debler (Orchid Nanny)( Orchids named here are the basic genera that I consider easier ones..)

Factors to consider:

1.    Your  watering preference

a.  For hose-aholics : hanging orchids in baskets or mounts, bare-roots; bulbophyllumsb.  For non-hose-aholics:   potted dendrobiums, potted cattleyas

2.  Temperature-tolerant to lessen the winter parade:

a.  Epidendrum species: except when in spike. Spikes may get damaged in the cold.

b.  Neofinetia falcata and its hybrids

c.  Nobile dendrobiums

d.  Dendrobium kingianums

e.  Arundina graminifolia

3.  Light requirements

a.  Full sun:  epidendrum radicans, terete orchids; arundinas

b.  Bright light but indirect sunlight: Vandas, cattleyas, dendrobiums, schomburgkias, cymbidiums, encyclias, bulbophyllums

c.  Medium light: phalaenopsis, oncidium

   d.Full shade: Phaius, promenaeas, jewel orchids

4.  Most forgiving orchids:

·          Reed stem epidendrums

o   very forgiving w/ regards to temperature, watering, media, even light.

o   Placing it in a sunny location makes it bloom profusely.

o   (Roots in the shade, its head in the sun)

o   may be planted in soil, or any orchid medium, in ground or in basket or   pot, or  mounted

o   Propagation:  stem cuttings;  keikis

·         Jewel orchids

o   grow best in low light and a denser mix that retains moisture between waterings.

o   primarily grown for its beautiful foliage rather than its flowers

o    propagation:  cuttings

o   May be potted in soil or sphagnum moss       

·         Nobile-type or soft cane dendrobiums

o   deciduous

o   February = month of  nobile-type dendrobiums

o   need a dry winter; best in higher spots

o   Water everyday during warm weather

o   can tolerate extreme temps cold in winter; and heat in summer


·         Bulbophyllums

o   less prone to fungal and viral  infections.

o     May  be potted in shallow baskets  with sphagnum moss. 

o   may be mountedo   like to be fairly wet all the time

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